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STUDIO AnC focus on the in-game animation product, We are accomplished in the action, weight, character telling, animal movement regularity both western and eastern styles. you can find our shadows in many shipped console and MMO RPG games, we are happy to deliver the quality animation for the worldwide operators.

Here is the service of the IN-GAME animation:

– Character skinning and rigging with MAYA and MAX

– Animation for character, object and machines

– Motion capture clean with Motionbuilder



The artists of the studio have full MAYA pipeline experiences in the 3D animation series, in the outsource project we can provide the  “layout-animation” the most key-step in the pipeline. As our slogan “animate your creation”, we can give you a satisfied result before you  worry about  the deadline.


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“PANSHEL’S WORLD” (52 episodes)

A cartoon 3D tv-series from company P&P multimedia in France, our artists joined the full-pipeline production in the IDMT which was cooperating partner in Shenzhen, China. In the animation part, we produced over 13 episodes with layout and animation team.



Studio AnC alway focus on creating the original project include feature animation film, tv-series animation and short film in 3D or 2D field. We can’t stop  seeking  opportunity to cooperate with any aspiring investor and company in worldwide animation market. Now we already have over 15 concepts or screenplays can be  stepped into the production, not only for the business but also the passion and toughing feeling for the audiences.

2D concept paint style experimental animation  “ROBUG” with MAYA


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